Crystal clear Intercom Systems

With a massive range of entrance unit intercom models available coupled with their manufacturer backed configuration utilities, intercom systems cannot be ignored when considering any type of two way communication application, both audible and visual.


Intercom systems (either simply audio or visual as well) are perfect for screening visitors. That being said, they are ideal for apartment buildings or any sort of complex or home where you want to see who is at your doorstep (figuratively speaking!).


If you own or manage a commercial establishment where only a select group of visitors are allowed to enter, then an intercom system is perfect for you. Your visitors will need to request access from the call station at your entry.

This call station is connected to another unit within your complex that operates an audio handset and control functions. Once you have confirmed your visitor is allowed access, via your control functions, you can then allow access to your visitor via and electronic lock.

These options are but one example of the advantages an intercom system can bestow upon either a residence or commercial complex. Have a talk with us to find out what else they can do!