Streamlined & effective Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Given the digital age we live in, CCTV has become even more useful. Not only can you view a live feed from your CCTV cameras on a monitor at any point in your home or commercial complex, but you can also view the feed from anywhere in the world via the internet.


Your residential CCTV needs may be as simple hooking up a video component to your front entrance gate intercom system, allowing you to not only hear who is requesting access to your home, but also to see them.

Depending on your type of property, you may also want to install numerous CCTV cameras to monitor certain areas you might not otherwise be able to see when necessary. Such as a back entrance gate to your property or to watch your kids in the pool.

CCTV not only plays a big part in security, it can also be a big player in safety as well.


It goes without saying that CCTV also has a massive part to play in Commercial safety and security as well. Not only will video surveillance footage be vital in any legal cases that may arise (such as your business property being burgled) but it also serves as a deterrent for such crimes to be committed in the first place.

It will also give you piece of mind that your customers and employee's are being protected 24/7 via video.

Whatever your CCTV needs may be, Infinity Integrated Services is more than equipped to help you