access control

Access Control


Furthermore to the alarms page, regarding protecting your families safety, another great way to do this is with quality access control. New electronic lock technologies enable us to attain a new level of flexibility and security, such as Proximity Card Readers or Code Control Panels to release said electronic locks.

A simple and common example of this would have to be electronically controlled entrance gates. Your visitors pull up next to a video intercom system allowing you to screen who is entering your home. You then have the ability to deny or grant access to the visitor.

Domestic access control is a massive area of security nowadays, and Infinity Integrated Services can help you with anything you need.


Commercially, access control can still be a great asset. Any self respecting business will not only wish to ensure the safety of their employee's and customers, but they will also want to keep confidential, proprietary information secret.

Whether this is accomplished via controlling lift access, restricting after hours building access, boom gates or employing proximity card readers to allow entry to sensitive areas only to authorised personnel, Infinity Integrated Services can help you with the lot.